Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Where the weird are welcome........for awhile
Mark Mulligan & Sam Rainwater introduced us to the works of Castaway
Kids through performances and their donations of their proceeds to this
cause.  Mark founded this organization in 1994.  
Read his story here.  

Castaway Kids Mexico is a charity group made up of a wonderful
American, Canadian and Mexican volunteers willing to sponsor the less
fortunate children and families of Guaymas.   Castaway Kids is committed
to making a positive difference in the lives of Mexican children in Guaymas
and surrounding communities:  by funding education scholarships to
needy children, hosting recreational activities for children, providing food,
clothing and shelter to families in emergency situations and mentoring
children from underprivileged families.

To watch a truly inspirational video about them please play the YouTube  
video on the left.
Cantina Habanero has always recognized our obligation to give back to the community, both
here in Puerto Morelos and wherever a need exist.  Ed started the tradition years ago of
helping local families with their hardships.  From providing cataract surgery to someone
who could no longer see to supporting local and nationwide charities for children, we will
continue to serve those in need.  Below are a few of the causes we support on an ongoing